Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Travel ICAS?

    Travel ICAS allows you to search for flights and hotels, as well as perform booking and airport transfers. You can also rent cars and get travel insurance.

  • Where are booking transfers available?

    You can get booking transfers in 175 countries from the best local transport companies. The service covers 175 countries, over 297,500 cities, and over 3,500 airports - perfect for tourist or business transfers to hotels, villas, or any address. You can arrange a booking transfer now by clicking here.

  • Where are international airport transfers available?

    You can get international airport transfers in 100 countries with various vehicle classes and English-speaking drivers. Transfers occur between some 500 airports and over 117,500 routes throughout 100 countries. You can rrange an airport transfer now by clicking here.

  • How can I find a rental car?

    You can find a car to rent using our car rental comparison website to find, compare, and rent a car globally. You can rent a car now by clicking here.

  • How can I compare flighs?

    To compare flights, you can use our flight comparison site by clicking here.

  • How can I compare hotels?

    To compare hotels, you can use our hotel comparison site by clicking here.

  • Does Travel ICAS have a Mobile App?

    Yes we do. For now, we only have an app for iOS devices. If you would like to install it on your iOS device, you can get it by clicking here.

  • Does it cost to use the Travel ICAS website?

    No, it does not cost to use our site. You can browse and click on links at no cost to you. Please note, though, that any service that you choose to use will entail a cost based on the service you are requesting.

  • Can I access the Travel ICAS website on any device?

    Yes, you can. Our site is compatible with all devices.

  • What types of travel insurance can I get quotes for?

    There are two types of travel insurance - travel medical insurance and trip insurance. Travel medical insurance covers the cost of medical expenses during your international trip. Trip travel insurance provides coverage for the cost of travel cancellation, missed connections, and baggage delays.

  • Are you on Social Media?

    Yes, we are. You can check out our Twitter account by clicking here.

  • What does "ICAS" in Travel ICAS mean?

    ICAS is an acronym which stands for "In Comfort And Style".